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Let us help you Shout your Hotel out to the word with a free hotel website.


In order for you as a hotel to be successful your hotel requires daily bookings but how do you get bookings?
Well one of the most important and primary ways is to have an appealing SEO friendly website. If you have a poorly designed & optimised website or even worse... no website! Then you are losing bookings daily guaranteed as 90% of bookings are made online and you're hotel will have little to no online presence.


We at Shout Hotels can create you a free hotel website that is appealing and search engine friendly but with a difference.

We manually research and gather all information about your hotel, we then  build what we like to call a "Shout Hotel Page" which we optimise for online viewing and conversions which will essentially be your website you can use.
We then monitor this page and try and boost it up in the popular search engines as much as possible in order to give you more exposure!

To put it simply, it is like getting a completely free hotel website but with a twist.


Anyone looking to stay at your hotel will find your optimised hotel website and will book most of the time or at least click through to check your rates.

The only thing you need to do in this whole process is click the big blue button below and fill out the form and continue to put your rates in with & your Shout Hotels free website will help you sell those rooms!

Request your free Hotel Website today by filling out the short form below!


We work extremely hard to provide this free service for you "but how?" you ask?

We are a partner with and use them as the primary booking source on the website we build for you which help support our running costs for supplying this free hotel website service to you.

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