How we help hotels Shout Out!

Based in Scotland, Shout Hotels specialise in providing a unique free hotel web design service by offering free 1-page website design, free hosting, free SSL certificate, free installation of Google Analytics & Cloudflare services, everything a hotel needs to sell their rooms online!

Our website designs are responsive & modern ensuring they will work & appear correctly across all devices and create an optimised structure for maximum conversions both for mobile & desktop.

We partnered up with Booking.com the #1 hotel booking source online to be able to provide this service using their booking systems to sell your hotel rooms.

How we help hotels Shout Out!

Shout Hotels was created in order to offer a service that was fun, creative, unique and helpful.

With over 14 years of experience in website design, I.T & Hotel Affiliate Services, we researched how much web design firms were charging clients like hotels for websites & booking engines, it was on average over £1000!!! Not taking into account any commissions for the booking engines, I was shocked!

So we developed a unique formula that would be able to provide similar services but be 100% free as long as the hotel is happy to use booking.com as their main booking source, which would allow us to be funded from booking.com since we are partners with them.

Once the formula was developed it was time for the name of the company, after hours of thought, we had come up with the name “Shout Hotels”, the meaning behind it is that your website will “shout out” to the world about your hotel & help you sell your hotel rooms… and so Shout Hotels was born!

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