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5 Tips for Finding the Best Cheap Hotel Rooms This Weekend

Scouring the internet for the best hotel deals can be a daunting task, especially when you're on a tight budget and time is of the essence. Whether you're planning a spontaneous weekend getaway or a last-minute business trip, finding affordable accommodation without sacrificing comfort or location is key. In this article, we'll explore five savvy tips that will help you secure the best cheap hotel rooms this weekend, ensuring your stay is both enjoyable and economical.

Key Takeaways

  • Hostels offer budget-friendly accommodations with opportunities for socializing and often include amenities like free Wi-Fi and breakfast.
  • House or pet sitting can provide free lodging in exchange for taking care of someone's home or furry friend while they're away.
  • Collecting points through loyalty programs or credit card rewards can lead to significant discounts or complimentary stays at hotels.
  • Volunteering with certain organizations may provide free or low-cost lodging as part of the volunteer experience.
  • Hospitality exchanges, such as couch surfing, allow travelers to stay with locals for free, offering an authentic and cost-effective way to explore a new place.

1. Stay in Hostels

Opting for hostels can significantly cut down your accommodation costs, making them a prime choice for a budget-friendly hotel getaway. Hostels are not just for the young or solo travelers; they cater to all ages and include private rooms for couples or individuals seeking more privacy.

Hostels offer a unique opportunity to meet fellow travelers and often provide a vibrant, communal atmosphere. They are safe, secure, and come with all the necessary amenities.

Here's why you should consider hostels for your next trip:

  • Affordability: Hostels are typically much cheaper than hotels.
  • Social Environment: They offer a communal setting that encourages interaction.
  • Diverse Options: From dorms to private rooms, there's something for everyone.
  • Location: Many hostels are situated in central locations, close to main attractions.

For the best hotel getaway deals, check out Hostelworld for a comprehensive selection and great discounts. And if Europe is on your itinerary, look into getting a HostelPass for additional savings on accommodations and activities.

2. House/Pet Sit

House sitting is an increasingly popular way to secure free accommodation while traveling. By taking care of someone's home and pets, you can enjoy the comforts of a fully-equipped house without the cost. Trusted Housesitters is a platform that connects travelers with homeowners in need of pet care, offering a unique opportunity to live rent-free in various locations around the world.

For an annual fee of $129 USD, you gain access to a multitude of house-sitting opportunities. This investment can quickly pay off, especially for those who travel frequently or for extended periods. Here's a quick breakdown of potential savings:

Service Average Cost Without House Sitting Cost With Trusted Housesitters
Lodging $100+ per night $0 (membership fee applies)
Pet Care $50+ per day Included
Utilities Often included in lodging cost Included

Embrace the chance to immerse yourself in a new community, care for pets, and live like a local, all while saving on accommodation expenses.

Remember to read up on the responsibilities and expectations before committing to a house-sitting gig. It's not just about the free stay; it's also about trust and reliability. For those willing to take on the role, the rewards extend beyond financial savings, offering a deeper travel experience.

3. Collect Points

Leveraging hotel points can be a game-changer for budget travelers. Most hotel loyalty programs offer points that can be redeemed for free or discounted stays, making it possible to enjoy luxury accommodations without the hefty price tag. By signing up for the right credit cards and joining hotel rewards programs, you can start accumulating points on everyday purchases.

The key to maximizing hotel points is understanding how they work and making them a part of your spending strategy.

Here's a simple breakdown to get you started:

  • Sign up for hotel loyalty programs and credit cards with generous welcome offers.
  • Use your credit card for daily expenses to accumulate points.
  • Stay updated with promotions and point-earning opportunities.

Remember, it's not just about staying at hotels; some programs allow you to earn points through dining, shopping, and other activities. Start your journey to free stays today!

4. Volunteer

Volunteering at hostels or with various organizations can be a rewarding way to secure free accommodation while traveling. Many hostels are in constant need of new help due to the transient nature of their workforce. By offering a few hours of your time each day, you can receive a place to stay, which significantly cuts down on travel expenses.

To find volunteer opportunities ahead of your trip, platforms like Worldpackers are invaluable. They connect travelers with a range of experiences, from hostel work to eco-projects worldwide. Here's how to get started:

  • Sign up on a volunteer exchange website.
  • Browse through the available opportunities.
  • Choose an experience that aligns with your skills and interests.
  • Coordinate with the host to understand the work expectations and accommodation details.

Volunteering not only helps with finding cheap accommodation but also offers a deeper dive into the local culture and community.

Remember to check job boards at hostels or simply inquire in person. Engaging in these experiences can lead to lasting friendships and unforgettable memories.

5. Stay in Hospitality Exchanges

Hospitality exchanges are a unique way to not only find cheap accommodation but also to immerse yourself in the local culture. By staying with a host, you gain access to invaluable local knowledge and a chance to experience life as a resident.

  • Couchsurfing
  • BeWelcome

These platforms connect travelers with locals offering a free place to stay. It's not just about saving money; it's about making connections and gaining new perspectives.

Embrace the opportunity to live like a local and create lasting friendships through hospitality exchanges.

Remember to be a considerate guest and show appreciation for your host's generosity. This exchange is about cultural understanding and building a global community.


Securing the best deals on hotel rooms doesn't have to be a daunting task. By utilizing the tips outlined in this article, such as staying in hostels, leveraging loyalty programs, and checking for last-minute deals, you can find affordable accommodations that meet your needs. Remember to consider alternative options like house sitting or hospitality exchanges for even more savings. With a little effort and strategic planning, you can enjoy your weekend getaway without breaking the bank. So go ahead, book that trip, and make the most of your travel budget!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some tips for finding cheap hotel rooms?

Some tips for finding cheap hotel rooms include staying in hostels, house or pet sitting, collecting loyalty points, volunteering for accommodation, and using hospitality exchanges. Also, consider staying on farms, in monasteries, or booking through Airbnb.

How can I save money on accommodation while traveling?

To save money on accommodation, travel during off-peak seasons, look for loyalty programs and deals, stay in less conventional properties like guesthouses or hostels, and always check for better deals before your trip.

Are there any strategies for booking hotel rooms at the best price?

Yes, one effective strategy is to book a refundable room early, then continue to search for better deals as your travel date approaches, particularly one week out and less, as last-minute deals can often be the most economical.

What should I consider when choosing a cheap hotel room?

When choosing a cheap hotel room, consider the location, amenities, reviews, cancellation policy, and whether the room meets your specific needs. It's also important to decide what kind of room you need before searching for the best deal.

Is it possible to find good deals on hotel rooms without sacrificing quality?

Absolutely, it's possible to find good deals on quality hotel rooms by using online travel sites, comparing prices, and looking for properties that offer great value for money, such as boutique guesthouses or hotels with unique offerings.

Can volunteering really help me get free accommodation?

Yes, volunteering can often provide free accommodation in exchange for work. This can include opportunities in hostels, farms, or community projects. It's a great way to immerse yourself in the local culture while keeping costs low.

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