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As we said, we are 100% transparent in all areas of our services so if there is something you are unsure about or have a question then you can take a look at the commonly asked questions below which may answer your questions, failing that you can visit our contact us page and send us any questions you may have, rest assured we will get back to you ASAP. If we find your question can help others then we will even add it to our FAQ section below.


Please find below a list of common questions we think you may have, you simply click the question to unveil the answer.

If your question is not listed below, simply click the button at the bottom of the FAQ list.

Absolutely! Our services are 100% free, we don’t charge you a penny!

We give you services that no other web company would dare give for free!


We don’t discriminate again building types :), no matter what type of accommodation property you have we will be happy to offer our services to you just as long as your accommodation property is on

Visit our signup page and fill out our form.

No! We absolutely hate contracts and textbooks of legal jargon, that’s why with Shout Hotels, you will NOT be locked into a contract and can leave at any time you please.

By default, if you leave us, unlike other companies we won’t delete your Shout Hotel page as we would like to leave it online to help you just as long as you are happy to do so otherwise we will remove it if you wish. We just think, why is waste deleting the page?

We do ask however that you agree to some terms & conditions upon signing up, it’s nothing complicated, just a set of simple rules so we can offer you our free services and get the best traffic/conversions possible for you.


  • Pay a high sum of money for website design
  • Monthly or Annual fee for hosting & email services
  • An extra commission or a high fixed fee for using their booking engine
  • Additional charges to get the SSL certificate
  • Additional charges to activate & maintain Cloudflare
  • Technical jargon
  • The requirement to learn their steep learning curve on how to use their booking engine & input rates 



  • We are 100% free!
  • We use booking links/calendar – (Check our FAQ question about the advantages of using vs other booking engines )
  • No technical jargon
  • Friendly & reliable service
  • UK company
  • We don’t charge you any commissions, you just pay as normal are a lot more than just a booking engine, they have a huge marketing team who spend thousands upon thousands of pounds promoting hotels all over the world including yours at no extra cost to you!

They run “Google Ads” & “Google Hotel Ads” which ensure people land on your hotel page when people search for your property.

On top of this, they are on the “Google Adsense” network which means banner & text ads of your hotel will appear now and then to users around the world who are searching for or are on a website related to your hotel.

Finally, they appear on comparison websites like Trivago which again bring in all the traffic to your hotel.

All this is done by the marketing team if you were to ask any other company to give you this kind of exposure the cost would be unbelievable and would need a large team to manage it.

That is why we partnered with to be able to use their booking engine links on the websites we build for you.

Simply continue to put your best rates into the familiar control panel and your newly created website will help you sell those rooms!


We actually build and publish your 1-page website on our domain, your website link will look something like this:

If you already have a domain name and would prefer for our page to be displayed on that domain i.e then we can send you an IP to point your domain to so that we can make that happen OR if you provide us with your domain name login details we can do that for you, whatever is most hassle-free for you.

When a visitor makes a booking from your website via, we receive a small percentage of “’s commission”, this does NOT charge you anything extra as we are simply getting a small cut from’s commission they take from you already.

We are based in Scotland, United Kingdom.

Unfortunately not,

We operate from the support from the small commissions we receive as partners of We couldn’t possibly provide our services for free without it.

As is the #1 source of bookings online, it is a good idea to use them so why not signup and try us… after all our services are free so you have nothing to lose!


We highly recommend if you already have a domain to use it! We would simply ask you to update your domain name A-Name IP address to point to our IP Address. It’s that simple!

If you are unsure how to do this then you can simply provide us with your domain login details and we can do it for you, we want to make the whole process as hassle-free as possible.

We like to keep it to a minimum of 3 email addresses HOWEVER if you require any more we can accommodate your requests with no worries! Just mention this to us when you signup.

No, our motto is about making the whole website process and experience as simple as possible, so if you just send us whatever changes you want to make via email then we will do this for you!

Currently, Shout Hotels operates at a reduced and unpredictable time schedule due to this being run by 1 person, as we scale and build our team we be able to operate during normal business hours. Rest assured we will do everything as quickly as we can!

We can only provide support via E-mail & Facebook. Please rest assured that we will answer your questions as quickly as possible. We will soon be introducing a ticketing system to make the whole process more streamlined.

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