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Georges Place

Where Heritage Meets Homely Hospitality at the Heart of York

Georges Place

Where Heritage Meets Homely Hospitality at the Heart of York
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Georges Place double or twin room
Georges Place double room
Welcome to Georges Place

Your lovely home in York

Georges Place is in the quiet St George's Place and is in a beautiful Victorian building. It has a unique mix of old-fashioned elegance and modern comfort. Our guest house is a great place to stay if you want to explore York's rich history and lively culture. It's only a short walk to York Railway Station and the busy city centre. With its garden views, cosy rooms, and thoughtful extras, Georges Place promises a memorable stay filled with warm Yorkshire hospitality. Discover a home away from home at Georges Place, whether you're here for the history, the activities, or just to enjoy yourself.

Georges Place features
Enhancing Your Stay
Excellent Amenities for an Unforgettable Stay

Guests who stay at Georges Place get more than just a room. From the moment you arrive, the range of services is meant to make sure you have a pleasant and comfortable stay. Every little thing has been carefully chosen, from the delicious full English breakfast to the shared lounge where you can relax to the organised walking tours of York. Private parking, daily housekeeping, and, upon request, special diet menus make it even easier, and each visit is different and satisfying.

Designed for Guest Comfort
Superior Facilities

At Georges Place, there are many facilities to meet the different needs of guests, making sure they are comfortable and happy during their stay. The property has a shared kitchen that is fully stocked and perfect for people who like to cook their own meals. You can find peace and quiet in the garden and picnic area outside. There is free WiFi all over the hotel, so guests can easily stay connected, whether they are there for business or pleasure. Safety is also a top priority, with parking right outside and strong security features like smoke alarms and fire extinguishers that give you peace of mind. Every feature at Georges Place was carefully chosen to make every visitor's stay better.

Georges Place services
Breakfast Options
A Delightful Morning Start

There are a lot of tempting breakfast options at Georges Place in the morning. A hearty Full English/Irish breakfast with warm dishes that showcase local flavours is available for guests. Guests can also choose a lighter à la carte menu with fresh pastries and seasonal fruits. This daily meal is carefully made to be the perfect way to start the day and make sure guests are ready for their adventures in York.

Private Parking
Secure and Convenient

Because Georges Place knows how important convenience is for its guests, it has private parking. Customers can park their cars easily and feel safe knowing that they are only a few steps away from their accommodation thanks to this service. You can add an extra layer of comfort and safety with this option, which costs extra but makes the trip easier and more enjoyable.

Walking Tours
Immerse in York's Heritage

Through planned walking tours, Georges Place invites guests to get to know the historic city of York better. These tours are a great way to learn about the city's history, from its old walls to its most famous landmarks. Along with enjoying the lively atmosphere of York's streets and alleys, guests can learn about the city's history and find hidden gems with the help of knowledgeable guides.

Guest Reviews
Hear Directly From The Guests
Location at Georges Place
Perfectly Positioned

Scarcroft Park

Only an 800-yard walk from Georges Place, Scarcroft Park is a peaceful place to relax with lots of green spaces and quiet zones. The park is popular with both locals and tourists who want to relax in nature. It's a great place for long walks or family picnics.

Bar Convent Museum

Bar Convent Museum is about 1,050 yards from Georges Place. It is the oldest living convent in England and has a long history that goes back to 1686. With interesting displays and a beautiful hidden chapel, the museum gives a fascinating look into the lives of the people who live there and how they've changed the area.

National Railway Museum

For anyone interested in the history of rail travel in Britain and around the world, the National Railway Museum is a must-see. It's only 0.8 miles from Georges Place. The museum has a huge collection of railway artefacts, such as old locomotives and rolling stock, as well as educational exhibits and interactive displays.
Best Rates Guaranteed

Everything at Georges Place, from its guest rooms to the shared lounge and garden, is designed to make your stay truly memorable.

Address: 6 St George's Place, York, YO24 1DR, United Kingdom
Tel: +44 1904 625056


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