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Kop View 3-Star Accommodation Near Anfield Stadium

Kop View

Where Comfort Meets the Passion of Football

Kop View

Where Comfort Meets the Passion of Football
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300 metres from Anfield Stadium

Find Your Cosy Haven in Liverpool at Kop View

The Kop View is a place where guests can feel at home while also being in the middle of Liverpool's action. This guest house is a peaceful place to stay for people who want to experience the city's busy life. It is close to the famous Anfield Stadium. Kop View is a great place for visitors to start, whether they are a football fan or want to learn more about Liverpool's rich cultural history.

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Our Services
Guest Services Made Just for You

Kop View wants all of its guests to have a pleasant and comfortable stay. There are many services designed to meet the needs of people who are visiting for football, culture, or relaxation. Every part of their trip is carefully planned and executed. The guest house has free WiFi, private parking, and a continental breakfast to start the day off right. This makes it easy and comfortable for guests to explore Liverpool.

Designed for Your Comfort
Facilities that will make your stay memorable

Find out about Kop View's thoughtful range of facilities that will make your stay more than just good. They make you feel right at home as soon as you walk in and make sure you have everything you need for a comfortable stay. Our facilities are designed to make your time in Liverpool better, whether you're relaxing in your cosy room or making plans for the day over breakfast.

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Proximity to Anfield Stadium

Fans of football will love this place because it lets them see games and events at one of football's holiest grounds in a way that no one else can.

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Complimentary Amenities

Free WiFi and private parking are available to guests, making their stay smooth and easy, whether they are there for business or pleasure.

Flexible Dining Options

As well as a shared kitchen and the option of a buffet or continental breakfast, guests can make their meals fit their tastes, giving them a taste of home while they're away.

100% Real Review Experiences
Why Visitors Love Kop View
Location Highlights
Discover Kop View's Location

Anfield Stadium

Just a few steps away, this famous stadium gives football fans a full experience with tours and games.

The Isla Gladstone Conservatory

A beautiful Victorian glasshouse in Stanley Park that has both beautiful views and a unique historical setting.

Royal Albert Dock Liverpool

This historic dock is only a short drive from Anfield and now has museums, restaurants, and art galleries, making it a great place to spend the day.
Spend Your Time With Us

Each and every part of Kop View, from the rooms to the extras, is carefully planned to make guests' stays better. It's a great choice for tourists who want to experience Liverpool's culture and the thrill of Anfield Stadium.
Address: 6 Walton Breck Rd, Liverpool L4 2RW
Tel: +44 7490 372777


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