All In One Hotel Web Design Solution

We have developed an all in one hotel website package that no other web design company would dare offer you for free!

Shout Hotels is all about making your your hotel sell more for less, so with our services listed below from Web Design to SSL Certificates we have you covered in all areas to ensure you have the essentials to sell your hotel rooms online.

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1. Web Design

Let's start with the first part of our package, the web design!
We have a preset portfolio of templates for you to choose from, you select which one you like the look of, pick your colour scheme and we do the rest!

We will use your photos & text from to create your website, we also welcome any more images or text you can provide to make the website more original. Once we build you the template, we will send it to you for approval, if you are happy with the style we will then proceed to build the remaining pages at which point we will send you once more the full website for approval.

You can send any amendments/changes to the website and we will take care of it for you, as we want it to be as hassle free as possible for you!


2. Web Hosting

We will host your website on our premium SSD Europe shared servers which are fast, stable and reliable.

On top of this we try to keep the up time to 99% ensuring your website is available at all times for travellers to book your hotel.

We manage all aspects of the hosting so you don't have to, so if any issues occur we will resolve the problem as fast as possible.


3. SSL Certificate

With cyber crime rates being extremely high there are a lot of false/fake websites out there stealing information.

As the world is becoming more aware of this, most people will now look for little padlock icon in the address bar to ensure the website is secure and safe especially now with the new Google Chrome update which now displays "Not Secure" for all websites without a SSL certificate.

But don't worry! We provide you with a free SSL certificate as standard so rest assured any visitors who come to your website will feel confidence & have peace of mind to book your hotel!


4. Google Analytics

We believe that all hoteliers should be able to easily track how popular their website is without any restrictions

That is why we install Google Analytics as part of our free services to-which we will give you access so you can login and view how many visits your are getting per day/week/month/year.

You can even download the Google Analytics app on any smartphone and view your website stats in real-time right from your device! How cool is that!


5. Cloud Flare - Speed & Protection

Finally, we even activate Cloud Flare!

Firstly, Cloud Flare is an excellent service to have as it can speed your website up as it hosts multiple versions of your website on different servers around the world, so for instance if someone from France was to visit your your website, your website will be cast to them from a France server improving speeds as it's a shorter distance the signal needs to travel. Very cool!

Secondly, if for any reason our server has an issue, Cloud Flare keeps a cached version of your website so rest assured your website will always be online to visitors.

Thirdly it provides a extra layer of protection by blocking known IP's of bots & spammers from visiting your website which gives you extra peace of mind!



Are You Ready For Your Hotel Website?

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