Time For Some Light Reading

Before we can offer our services, you are required to read our terms & conditions BEFORE signing up. All terms listed below must be agreed to in order for our service to function correctly for your accommodation property.

We know your time is very valuable so we have kept the T&Cs as simple as possible for you to understand by cutting out the unnecessary complicated legal jargon which some other companies have, so please take 5-10 minutes to read before you agree.




    1. Charge you any money or ask/request for any payment details
    2. Lock you into any contracts, you are free to leave if you wish to do so
    3. Publish your newly created website until you approve it
    4. Ignore you. All emails will always be answered
    5. Refuse to change any images/text on your website should you want to change something



    1. Allow us to host your website services
    2. Use Booking.com as your main booking source on your newly created website
    3. Include & use our partner booking.com code within the booking.com links/calendars
    4. Ensure your newly created website that we build for you is linked within your Google business listing
    5. Allow us to use images of your hotel in order to build your website
    6. Allow us to use any relative text about your hotel in order to build your website
    7. Accept our temporary unusual operating hours
    8. Accept that currently we do not communicate over the phone, it is online only via Email, Facebook or Live Chat on our website
    9. Not use our email services to send out newsletters
    10. Never attempt to sue us for any damages or loss of service - (We are a free service and simply cannot offer as much promise, time or guarantees as your "paid for" web design companies, it is the only downfall to using our free service, however we will of course strive to offer the best service to our abilities)
    11. Leave us a review on our Trustpilot & Facebook pages once your newly created website is published

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